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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project update!

                                    (Photography by Ali Scattergood from series I am who am)

My project continues to make progress! yay! This last week I've finished scanning all the 120 negatives into the computer and photoshopping those images to be ready to be put into the book.(This is for both my senior show book and my honors project book). I'm also almost done assembling my images into both templates for books and want to get some opinions on the layout before I order any "test" soft cover books. I've made 8x10 test prints of my large 30x30 prints so I will be ready to print some of those this week. My film is going well too... I'm working on editing the shakiness out of the cuts and ideally would like to get the dark spot on the glowing orb edited out as well.

These are the links to the template applications for the books i'm creating.
my publisher:


This week I'll be working on editing the film more, writing an artist statement for my I am who am series to use for the book and finalizing the layout of both books. (Maybe I'll even get to printing some large 30x30 inc jet prints!)

wish me luck!

p.s- I'm co-curating the Rabbit Gallery art show this year (and running the whole business with 4 other lovely people) and the opening is Wednesday, February 8th 6:30-9:30pm. It would be wonderful to see people there if you are in town!

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