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Monday, February 20, 2012

Bookmaking, music and film oh my!

So this post is all about my progress on my honors book and the collaboration video project. This last week, I photographed, developed the negatives, scanned in the negatives into photoshop, and edited the images to use for my cover and back cover of my book. The images are put in my layout and everything for that book is just about done. I just need to do a couple more edits on my artist statement then I should be ready to order the sample book by thursday! yay!
For the cover/back cover, I decided to do a simple image of the orb with no human interaction. Then the back cover is the same image, a little bit lighter and lower contrast. This lets the viewer see a subtle sign of the footprints around the orb, giving a clue that this had human interaction at some point in the past... also a little mysterious and I like that. I also think the cover photo is mysterious, but in a different way, as if you don't even know what it is to an even further extent. I have also been figuring out where I want my title to be and what font/color it should be. I decided on a gray for the font, sense that sort of represents the "human" color in the series. The font just seems right but I want other artists opinions on that, and it seemed like it would be very visually strong to put the titles inside the orb, but I'm not set on that...

The collaboration video project is going swimmingly! I heard two different ideas from one of my composers and I really like where hes going with it so far. He really captures certain qualities of the movement with the dancer, so I'm sure his work with only strengthen the piece.


  1. The progress you made on your book was really impressive. The idea you had for your covers I think are really strong. I love seeing the back cover as a relic of the performer that the viewer has just "witnessed" through looking at your images.

  2. You have certainly come a long way with the book. I like the pattern in which the photographs are complied into the book.
    However, for the cover page I think you should keep it simple and include only the photograph of the orb; the title should be given on the spine instead. Since your book is all about the human exploration and interaction, I think the simplicity and mysteriousness of the cover page will help emphasize that even more. However, if you do decide to leave the cover page untitled, make sure to include it on the first page (perhaps you could use your initial cover page as your first page). This way, the audience will have an idea of what your project is all about and what exactly they are being exposed to. Try it out and see how it looks!

  3. The new cover approach with just the portal/orb transforms you book into a more intense art object. Then keeping the title and your name on the spine and opening title page(s). There are still a few typos and minor tweaks we should go over sometime to make sure every detail is okay. Did you get the reflection from the dance collaborator yet?