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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The final wazzzam!

 My book came!!!!
 Look! ITS SO PRETTY!!!!!

Hello folks!
Today I'll be finishing & showing my work from the last 10 weeks! Its been a fun ride, and full of lesions in each step of my projects... To give you all an idea of what i've accomplished this term, I'll just give you a laundry list of tasks that ended up in beautiful results!!!
- Scanned all my negatives into the computer (30+ negatives)
- photoshopped all my negatives
- printed 16# 17x22 inch prints (honors show)
- printed 3# 30x30 inch prints (senior show)
- Designed & printed a book from booksmart (honors show)
- Designed & ordered my honor show invitations from Got Print.
- Ordered my sample frame for my honors show
- Made a performance dance film & collaborated with two composers for my "soundscape"

Its all been really fun and exciting and I can't wait to start hanging my solo show for my opening of May 11th!!!! I'm also equally excited about the senior show and how the large prints will look in the space with all the other senior art major's work.

p.s- Thank you Hillary Rogers for the great idea of how to display my excitement for the arrival of my book! ;)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bust up! and away with those films!

Image: Film still from Cathy Cook's film "Bust Up"

Greetings readers!
Tonight I'm going to update you on the recent film screening "Bust Up" with guest filmmaker Cathy Cook. Tonight, the Digital Processes & Intro to Electronic Music class had their collaboration film screening in partnership with Cathy Cook's film screening of "Bust Up". Overall, I found the experience working on the collaboration project insightful and fun. To expand more on "insightful", I found working with two composers who were working on their soundscapes separate from each other a great experience.  Seeing how they differently interpreted my film and then contributed their ideas to the piece was totally worth the few extra meetings I had with them. I also feel that both composers took different parts of my explanation of the piece to heart, and branched off from there. I found this particularly interesting because my film is based on a individual's movement and how that in and of itself shares an experience with the viewer. In a sense, my first viewers were these composers and I found their work a response to the film verses some films that had their composers be more narrative and storytelling like. Lastly, I just had a really great time working on the film with Adam and Alex and I really liked seeing all the films from the class together as a whole show. Thanks to everyone who came and thank you, Cathy Cook, for sharing your stories of filming "Bust Up" and being apart of this process.