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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The final wazzzam!

 My book came!!!!
 Look! ITS SO PRETTY!!!!!

Hello folks!
Today I'll be finishing & showing my work from the last 10 weeks! Its been a fun ride, and full of lesions in each step of my projects... To give you all an idea of what i've accomplished this term, I'll just give you a laundry list of tasks that ended up in beautiful results!!!
- Scanned all my negatives into the computer (30+ negatives)
- photoshopped all my negatives
- printed 16# 17x22 inch prints (honors show)
- printed 3# 30x30 inch prints (senior show)
- Designed & printed a book from booksmart (honors show)
- Designed & ordered my honor show invitations from Got Print.
- Ordered my sample frame for my honors show
- Made a performance dance film & collaborated with two composers for my "soundscape"

Its all been really fun and exciting and I can't wait to start hanging my solo show for my opening of May 11th!!!! I'm also equally excited about the senior show and how the large prints will look in the space with all the other senior art major's work.

p.s- Thank you Hillary Rogers for the great idea of how to display my excitement for the arrival of my book! ;)


  1. Ali, your book looks fantastic! I am so sad I did not get to see it in real life. I really look forward to looking at it when I come back! (I'll wear white gloves I promise)
    I think the concept of your work is really powerful and the essence of the movement and the experience of your models with the glowing orb is portrayed so strongly with the images you have captured. I absolutely love your cover, I think it was a great idea to keep just the orb and nothing else. Did you include any words in the spine? Your book is fabulous!

  2. Seeing a hard copy of your book was much more effective than it had been just viewing it on a computer screen. Although your grays did not turn out the way they were supposed to, I still really liked the concept of having that color compliment the skin tone of the models. I was wondering if there is any way to make the grays appear more consistant throughout the book, instead of having to change the color entirely (to black or white). I just personally think that white or even black would take away the essence and beauty of the book that you have now; so maybe think about changing just the shade of the gray to a darker one?
    Also, I love the cover page and the back page of the book. The simplicity adds onto to your idea and concept of human exploration The cover page definitely confuses the viewer and induces them to open the book to see what it is all about.
    The only minor change you might need is to make the fonts more consistant because they seem to be varying a lot. Besides that, I think the photographs turned out perfectly! Good job. I cannot wait to see your work up on a gallery very soon.

  3. It would nice to see your project develop throughout the term. The end product was extremely striking and perfectly executed the individual essences of the performers. Also, as Anam noted, the actual book format made your work look even stronger. Additionally, the large print you showed in the final critique turned out well and allowed me to better see your very recognizable personal aesthetic. Well done!

  4. I'm really glad you decided to put all of your honors images into the book! It, along with the video, really emphasize the idea of direct interaction of the human spirit with the world. I love your concept and can't wait to see how in the heck you get those giant gorgeous prints into frames! The senior exhibition and your honors exhibition will surely be amazing events to see.

  5. The devil is in the details and the magic is in the execution...That said, it would have been nice to see the 16 17x22 inkjet prints at the final critique! Also, there are issues of inconsistency of fonts between film, invitation, and book. You will need to remedy that. Can you hyperlink to your Blurb book (you will need to price it, make it public, and allow it to display the entire book). That way we can all look more carefully at it.