Do people read me?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The end... but not really.

So as a wrap up to my digital photography series- its being shown to the public tomorrow afternoon from 3-6pm- I would like to close this story with a few reflections.

First of all, I feel as though exploring and reflecting about how to establish myself as an artist on the internet has been quite the ride. I was very afraid of it just 10 weeks ago, and as I've learned and read about other artists and how new media and technology has developed within our society its not as scary and with out a doubt I will be using the internet to promote my work more.
Also, learning about Etsy was another exciting aspect for me. I think posting work on that sight, as well as creating a community of buyers and artists through that sight has a lot of potential for me. I'm excited to pursue Etsy further. :)

As for my Digital Photography project I will end you with a Haiku that will represent my work for the screening that goes something like this...

Sheer Fabric Flows on
Energy moves within us
like a tree grows tall

Hope to see you all there! (at lawrence University in Appleton WI. - Warch Campus Center Cinema. ;)


Saturday, March 5, 2011

My inspirations and Me.

Anne Brigman

This week I've been finishing up the printing of my images and setting up my etsy account. I've also been looking closely at the photographers who most inspire me and really examining how they relate to my work. The two photographers that I so far feel most inspired by are Anne Brigman and Joyce Tenninson. First of all, Anne Brigman is a pictorial photographer from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Her best known work involves nude female figures in landscapes. But not just any landscapes, the High Seirra terrain. This area in california is known for its unique and mesmerizing beauty. I find her images alive, emotional, and a primitive connection with the human identity. She has also experimented with manipulating the negative with paints, pencil, and chemicals to give off an even more ethereal effect when viewing the images. These images resinate with me because in my work I'm trying to capture human identity through how energy is present within each individual I photograph. In the series i've been working with presently, I've been doing that by having them manipulate one large piece of sheer fabric in the winter landscape of wisconsin. The manipulate of the fabric with the human body visualizes the dancing energy present within the figure. Then, taking it a step further, is how their energy is taken into certain environments. I feel as though I want to achieve a similar esthetic to Anne Brigman's work but the connection to the environment in my work is more based on showing the reflection of the individuals change in presence within different landscapes and how it uniquely alters from place to place.
Joyce Tennison's work deals with human identity as well. She considers mythology as well as portraiture to capture the inner identity of the individual. The esthetic quality of her images I also resonate with, as well as the ethereal quality captured when she tries to reaveal the inner archetype if the figure. She is a much more recent artist, which is still living and working in New York City.

Joyce Tennison's work